«Jay R. Stephens - Give It Up»
13/02/2020 07:19 em Música



Jay R. Stephens


Jay R. Stephens, "a lawyer by trade, but a singer and songwriter at heart from Gainesville, Georgia, USA", pelas suas próprias palavras, teve a amabilidade de nos contactar, dizendo-nos " first started writing songs at 13, however, I put that to the side for a bit to get my education. Now that I have attained my educational goals, I am seriously working to pursue my passion for music. Writing songs is the only thing that really comes naturally to me, and the easiest way for me to express myself. Having this ability has got me through many hard times.
I believe that my story is unique because it shows that you can get your education, but still pursue your dreams. It's important to do things you love. I believe it's time that I do what I've always loved, and to share my talents with the world."

Pois é com muita honra que iremos incluir na nossa transmissão a música que Jay nos envia, "Give It Up".

Muito obrigada Jay, estamos felizes por estar entre nós. Muitos parabéns pelo seu maravilhoso trabalho e pelo que nos ensina sobre o que é viver, não deixando de sonhar.

Thank you so much